The Protectors 

The men and women in law enforcement and our military have always inspired me.  Their dedication and relentless pursuit of freedom and justice for all, will never truly be recognized by society.  Most officers and military personnel didn't go into the job thinking, "I'm going to make a lot of money and kick ass doing it!"  They join because of a strong belief in protecting our society on a local, national, and global scale.  My books are full of strong, formidable women who never give up the fight.   Thank you for your service.

Kansas City Missouri Police Department A few good women are always needed!  Or check out your local police dept.


The Brave

-Obviously the victims I've met throughout the years have influenced me.  Some of them so incredibly sweet, you wonder how they survive in today's world.  Others, so incredibly mean, you wonder how they could possibly be a victim.  But the common denominator with every victim, is the bravery they display just by calling the police and asking for help.

-Domestic Violence starts slow and debilitates the victim's self esteem and self worth.  By the time it becomes physical, the victims commonly believe they are the cause of the violence.  I have met victims of domestic violence from every walk of life.  It knows no boundaries. 

-In sex crimes, the victims are commonly judged for their actions leading up to the crime and how they react to the crime.  One night 'on the town' has torn apart so many lives.  If you weren't victimized during your night, count yourself lucky and don't judge those who were.    

-Facing the judgmental nature of our society alone is an act of indescribable bravery.  Following through with prosecution, shows more guts than you could possibly imagine.  I applaud each and every one of you.   
   The National Domestic Violence Hotline

                   1-800-799-SAFE  (7233)

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network 

                  1-800-656-HOPE (4673) 

 Both hotlines offer 24/7 services     


‚ÄčKym Roberts

 There have been many people who have helped with my writing career.  My sisters  and dad for their first line edits.  My critique partners the Lit Girls, my blog partners  at Chick Swagger, and Margie Lawson for teaching me how to make every sentence  impact the reader. 

                                            My Heroes

  Sue Grafton- for Kinsey Milhone the first real heroine!
  Suzanne Brockmann-for giving me the action I crave, and the love we all need.
  Janet Evanovich, for giving me humor in my darkest hour.


                                                                                                                              Mahalo, Kym