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Sinfully Wicked

Men of Rock #3

Special Agent in Charge, Daniel 'Khaos' Artino was the last person looking for love. All he was interested in was his career, and protecting his kid sister--even if she was all grown-up and engaged to be married. Except she'd fallen in love with a man with a past. A past so dark, it followed him wherever he went and clung to anyone stupid enough to let her heart rule over her head. The only way Khaos could let his sister walk her down that aisle, was to clear the name of a man he didn't trust. A man whose actions had raked the Service through a media maelstrom that had torn its reputation to shreds. Yet his sister had faith in her fiancee's unbelievable story about a woman who'd disappeared into the jungles of Central America who could clear his name. A woman everyone else said didn't exist. A woman determined to destroy every last doubt Khaos had about love.

Maria Elizondo had a very good reason to get lost in the jungle. She would have disappeared forever, if hadn't been for an American asking questions that would lead to her discovery. When opportunity to escape to Rome arose, Maria took it with every hope of getting lost in the Italian city--the last place anyone would look for the woman who'd seen too much. 

Except her escape brought her closer to the American, the man she shouldn't trust, but did. He was the last person she should risk getting involved with. Yet it seemed fate would conspire against her and Maria found herself in an impossible situation--trust her life and heart to a man she barely knew, or spend the rest of her days running from a past that wouldn't let go...

Khaos and Maria must fight the past that is determined to destroy their love and their future before its too late.


Red Lace

Men of Rock #2

He knocked on death’s door, but she refused to let him walk in…

Ty Beckinsale was a dead man…until an angel in red lace saved him and disappeared into the night. Tortured with memories but unable to pursue leads to determine her identity until after he recovers, Ty seeks the assistance of the experts at Achilles HeAl, a private physical rehab facility for the rich and famous. Or in his case, the infamous—an ex-Secret Service Agent hell-bent on avoiding the media. His road to recovery, however, leads him straight to the woman he can’t forget—a woman he vows to protect from
a past he can’t leave behind.

Fear consumes her, drives her to build walls no one can penetrate…

Secrets and lies have driven Faith
Artino to turn her business into a compound. She’s secure, safe and satisfied with life. Until Ty Beckinsale walks in and knocks down all her barriers with a chemistry she can’t deny. But her fear of betrayal stops her from seizing the moment and from taking what she wants more than anything else—a passion so strong, it can’t be destroyed.A life-time sentence of loneliness awaits, unless Faith opens her door to the one man who’s stolen her heart.

Kym Roberts

Flirting with the Devil

Men of Rock #1

Sometimes the greatest sins...are born out of love.
Federal Prosecutor Samantha Bennett knows how to weed out the bad guys and put them in their place—behind bars and that’s exactly what she did to the mob boss of Vendetti la Cosa Nostra. But her dedication cost her what she values most, her
marriage, because she didn’t see her husband’s betrayal coming—at all.

Wade Evans will do anything to get Sam back—and a plot that enlists the people she relies on the most is his best chance of winning her heart a second time. But suddenly Wade’s not sure he’s the right man for his soon to be
ex-wife, because he wasn’t the one to save her from the violent mob hit. He failed and the man she trusts most, Ty Beckinsale, saved the day.

When Sam takes a vacation alone, both men arrive to keep her safe from a hitman determined to put her six feet under. And now Sam must decide if heaven on earth is possible, or if the devil who stole her heart will lead her straight to hell.

Men of Rock

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